Health Screenings

Our trained pharmacists offer a variety of health screens to help you take control of your health.  Whether you want to know how to better manage your diabetes or want to understand your possible risk for heart disease, we can provide you with the information needed to start acting today.

  • Cholesterol Screen – High cholesterol can lead to heart disease or stroke.  Are you at risk?
  • Blood Pressure Test – Prehypertension causing high blood pressure?  Find out.
  • Blood Glucose Test – High blood sugar levels could indicate a high risk of developing diabetes.  Are you at risk?
  • A1C Test – How well is your diabetes treatment plan working for you?  Find out.
  • Body Composition Test – BMI, body fat & muscle percentages, and waist circumference are indicators of overall health.

Some screens are only available at select locations.  A pharmacist may refer you to another local Dutch Pharmacy if your preferred screen is not available at your location.  Please call ahead for test availability and scheduling.